Personal Mentoring
Online Learning
Career Exploration
Work opportunities

Primary outcomes of the program

Youth who complete the program will be able to take free and informed decisions related to their livelihoods.

Youth will develop the skills required to thrive in their professional lives. They will be better equipped to access livelihoods that align with their aspirations, and grow within them.

As a Margshala student, what else will you learn?

Self awareness

You will become more aware of your strengths, weaknesses, interests and requirements (short term and long term)

Career awareness

You will become more aware about requirements for sustaining/succeeding within different career pathways in employment as well as entrepreneurship

Communication skills

You will demonstrate improved communication skills (listening and validation, negotiation, expressing yourself and confidence)

Leadership and teamwork skills

You will learn how to lead, collaborate and take responsibility while working in teams


You will be able to recognise and manage your emotions, stress and resilience to challenges

Entrepreneurial mindset

You will become 1) more aware about entrepreneurial opportunities in general and in and around your region, and 2) explore whether or not you have the entrepreneurial mindset for taking this up as a career

Creativity and innovation

You will develop skills of creativity, innovation and risktaking