Decisions made at a young age often define the trajectory of our lives. If you are a youth from Uttarakhand who has been thinking of starting your own business, Margshala is just the program for you! Margshala will …

… help you develop your business idea. The world is bigger than we can imagine!

… give you the skills and seed fund you need to find success in the future world of business.

… introduce you to local mentors and role models who will personally guide you.

… make you part of a community ready to help and support you in your journey.

Let us become a part of your startup journey. Apply today to get a chance to become one of Uttarakhand’s most promising youth entrepreneurs!


  • You should be between the ages of 18 and 35 years.
  • You must be from Uttarakhand (candidates from both rural and urban areas are eligible).
  • You must be motivated to learn new things, take lots of action and meet new people.
  • You must have a smartphone and internet access.
  • Only entrepreneurs who started a business 6 months to 3 years ago are eligible to apply.

Do I need to be a graduate to apply for Margshala?

Margshala is for everyone. There is no eligibility criteria of education levels – apply whether you’ve completed school, college or even if you haven’t been able to complete your education so far.

Is there any fee for attending the program?

There is no fee for attending the program. All you have to do is apply and let us know why you want to join the program and how you think Margshala will benefit you.



Personal mentoring
Personal mentoring
You will be assigned a personal mentor who will help you clarify your business idea and identify your interests and strengths.
Learning and skills
Learning and skills
You will participate in workshops on business development, local livelihoods and entrepreneurship focussed on Uttarakhand.
Meetings with role models
Meetings with role models
You will be introduced to mentors, role models and experts from a variety of fields, who will help you decide the right path for your business.
Seed grant (funding) support
Seed grant (funding) support
Candidates demonstrating clear action through the program will be eligible for a seed grant to help start their business and make it a reality.

Margshala is designed as a year-long hybrid fellowship program to suit your individual needs while enabling you to learn from mentors and other young people on a similar journey of exploration as you. We will support you so that you go on to create opportunities for other people in your community.

The fellowship consists of training modules such as Networking and Design Thinking; All about Marketing & Branding; Using Data and Finance; and Long term Business Planning. We will also give mentorship and additional coaching through online modes in between these modules.  

The journey to self-employment can be f
un and fulfilling. START TODAY!


Accepting applications on a rolling basis
Please contact us if you have any questions: [email protected]